Casa do Sol Nascente


There is a haven of tranquility, in a corner surrounded by meandering reeds and lilies, in a protected natural landscape and where you may need more than a fleeting moment to enjoy the difference between “relaxing” and trying to understand the depths of your consciousness and reality. This reality can be found in a painting by Monet in which the leaves whisper gently to the sound of Erik Satie or Debussy. You will find Casa do Sol Nascente at the end of a village, where people greet each other when they cross paths and where time is marked by the chiming of the chapel bell or the sound of the small and historic train “Vouguinha”. This train connects Aveiro to Águeda and, on request, stops at the end of the street and almost at our door. When those sounds dissipate into the air and there is only a dog barking in the distance or the sound of a branch gently knocking against the window and the river mirrors the gentle passing of time, an inner peace remains. Don't you think your mind and spirit deserve a truce of pure peace and serenity? Despite this, more sophisticated sights, activities and sounds are not far away. Porto is 40 minutes away, Coimbra is 30 minutes away and Aveiro is 20 minutes away, all within a driving distance and with a vast historical, cultural and artistic offer. Closer by, in Costa Nova and Barra you will find long beaches and dunes ideal for walking, feeling the embrace of the Atlantic wind and sunbathing. In the São Jacinto nature reserve, golf, surfing and sailing are just some of the options available to spend a good day.
Rua Alagoa 3800-881 Taipa