HMB Hotels


Comfort and modernity 10 m from Aveiro and in the center of Vila da Música, Fermentelos. Located 2 km from the A1 motorway exit and 25 minutes from the beaches of Costa Nova and Barra, you will find a space designed for your comfort and safety. Close to the city but quiet and away from the crowds. With private parking and automatic check-in, we guarantee speed and security, without unnecessary contacts, but always accompanied. From Lagoa Encantada – our esplanade – you will enjoy a unique view of Pateira de Fermentelos, the largest natural lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula. In communion with nature, you can find a lot to discover, being able to do so on the stunning pedestrian paths along the lagoon and on the bike rides.
Rua da Fonte Roque nº 1 3750-439 Fermentelos