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Annually, Águeda projects itself to the world through the AgitÁgueda – Art festival, the event that gives color to the entire city, and to what is considered one of “the most beautiful streets in the world”. Reference image of tourism in Portugal.

Hundreds of national and international artists attend this event. In addition to music, the entire city becomes the stage for AgitÁgueda and the streets are full of color and animation, with bodypainting performances, an exhibition of Living Statues and other activities such as “Carnaval Fora D’Horas” and Color Day. A true ex-libris of the Municipality!

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But not only AgitÁgueda promotes our Municipality, which has a vast natural and cultural heritage, in addition to a Christmas event that brings more and more visitors to the city: “From Minor to Major, Águeda is Christmas”!

From Pateira de Fermentelos, through the 5 rivers that bathe our city, through the Fluvial and Leisure Parks and through the various Pedestrian Routes present throughout the Municipality, there are many options to enjoy nature in Águeda!

At the artistic and cultural level, we present an open-air gallery with our Urban Art Route, which takes you to know the city of Águeda in more than 30 spots with paintings and artistic installations.

We also have several museums, monuments and centers of cultural interest, as well as a gastronomy with “Sweets that only Águeda has for you”!

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A Winning Project

O projeto ExplorAPPateira, foi uma iniciativa idealizado por um grupo de cidadãos, em resposta à necessidade de conservar, proteger e dinamizar um património natural bastante conhecido e estimado localmente: a Pateira de Fermentelos.
Este projeto foi apresentado ao Orçamento Participativo de Portugal, tornando-se um dos seus vencedores na edição de 2018.

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