Carreiro Velho Park


Located in the parish of Oiã, south of Pateira de Fermentelos, Carreiro Velho Park is a space where nature and human life are harmoniously related. Inserted on the edge of a swampy floodplain of the River Cértima, the typical vegetation, the lagoon and the abundance of water birds that occur here, both in summer and in winter, make this an ecosystem to be valued and conserved. This leisure space is part of the Site of Community Importance of the Natura 2000 Network in Ria de Aveiro. It is a very popular place for residents for parties and gatherings, and is equipped with various support equipment, from barbecues, tables, toilets and two places that facilitate bird watching. This space also houses the restaurant A Eira do Pato Ougado, known for its signature cuisine, events of a bio and eco nature.
R. Carreiro Velho 29, 3770-062 Oiã