How to get
to Pateira de Fermentelos

Using the train-bicycle binomial


By the Northern Line
(Porto – Aveiro – Lisbon) which connects with the Aveiro Line)

Via the Vouga Line, which connects Aveiro to Sernada do Vouga, crossing the municipality of Águeda
(Aveiro – Taipa-Requeixo – Travassô – Cabanões – Casal Álvaro – Oronhe – Águeda)

Using motor vehicle

The territory of the three municipalities that surround Pateira is served by important roads as well as complementary roads that connect it to the North Region, the Coimbra region, the Viseu Dão Lafões region and Spain.

The best accesses using the highway are, for each point of origin:

  • from the North, using the A1 (Porto – Lisbon) to Albergaria-a-Velha or Aveiro south
  • from East, using the A25 (Sentido Aveiro/A24) to Albergaria-a-Velha
  • from south, using the A1 (Lisbon – Porto) to Aveiro south

The best complementary routes are, in addition to the IC2 / N1:

  • the EN230, which makes the Aveiro – Águeda – Tondela corridor (…)
  • the EN235, which makes the Aveiro – Oiã, Oliveira do Bairro – Anadia corridor
  • the EN333, which forms the Oiã – Perrães – Águeda – Vouzela corridor

Locally, access to Pateira de Fermentelos can be done from several locations in the three municipalities:

  • from the municipality of Águeda can be reached:
    • Espinhel Park
    • the Óis da Ribeira Park
    • or the viewpoint in Fermentelos
  • from the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro the Carreiro Velho Park (Perrães, Oiã)
  • and from the municipality of Aveiro, the Requeixo Park (Requeixo).

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