Pateira de Fermentelos, the Vouga river watershed and the Ria de Aveiro.

Pateira de Fermentelos is part of the Vouga River watershed – whose main watercourses are the Cértima, Águeda, Cáster, Antuã, Boco and Ribeira da Corujeira rivers – and the Ria de Aveiro lagoon system.

These water resources are extremely important in the region at several levels:
» For their biodiversity and characteristic ecosystems.
» For the relationship they establish with Man, space and socio-economic and leisure activities.
» And also for its contribution to defining the identity of this part of the country.

Certima River

With its source in Serra do Bussaco, at an altitude of 380 m, slightly south of Cruz Alta, the Cértima River crosses, along its 43 km, four municipalities in the district of Aveiro: Mealhada, Anadia, Oliveira do Bairro and Águeda.

On its banks you can see from riparian galleries to large agricultural fields, often sought after by the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and by various species of herons in search of food.

The waters of its hydrographic basin converge to the largest natural lagoon on the Iberian Peninsula just before its mouth, on the left bank of the Águeda River, in Requeixo.

Agueda River

It is born in Varzielas (municipality of Oliveira de Frades), on one of the slopes of Serra do Caramulo.

Most of its 40 km course develops in the municipality of Águeda, where it flows into the left bank of the Vouga, in Eirol.

This watercourse stands out historically in the formation of the current city of Águeda, as it is linked to the creation of agricultural conditions that were decisive for the settlement of populations in this region.

Vouga River

With a length of 148km, the Vouga begins its course at 930 m of altitude, in Serra da Lapa.

Its name has pre-Roman origins, Vacua, having been adopted by them and later transformed into the current Vouga.

It travels through mountains and forests, until it crosses low and fertile lands, favoring agriculture and livestock.

It has its mouth in the Ria de Aveiro, asserting itself as one of its main arteries. For several kilometers it is followed by  the Great Route of the Ria de Aveiro, which shows its various characteristics.

Ria de Aveiro

It is one of the most admirable hydrographic phenomena on the Portuguese coast. Before its formation, the villages of Ovar, Estarreja, Aveiro and Mira would have been in direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean through a large bay.

Between the 10th and 16th centuries, the development and closure of two sandbanks (one to the north, from Furadouro to São Jacinto and the other to the south, from Barra de Mira to Praia da Barra) gave rise to the incredible lagoon known today.

It establishes contact with the sea and with several freshwater channels where multiple water lines flow, such as the Mira Channel and the Antuã, Boco, Cáster and Vouga rivers.

  • PR1

    Path from Pateira to Águeda

    Distance14 kms Average duration04:00DifficultyMédiaRecommended season All year
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  • PR7

    Wells rails

    Distance10 kms Average duration03:30DifficultyMédiaRecommended season All year
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  • PR9

    Águeda River Trail

    Distance19.33 kms Average duration04:10DifficultyMédiaRecommended season All year
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  • Rail 1

    Pateira Lagoon, Carregal - Requeixo

    Distance6.09 kms Average duration00:00DifficultyMédiaRecommended season All year
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  • Route H

    Nautical Route

    Distance6.8 kms Average duration3:20DifficultyBaixaRecommended season All year
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  • GR 58 / 7

    Golden Path - Step 7

    Distance26.3 kms Average duration6:40DifficultyAltaRecommended season All year. However, pay attention to the availability of water in periods of heat and to slippery or flooded floors in periods of greater rainfall.
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  • GR 58 / 8

    Golden Path - Step 8

    Distance26.2 kms Average duration6:30DifficultyAltaRecommended season All year. However, pay attention to the availability of water in periods of heat and to slippery or flooded floors in periods of greater rainfall.
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Óis da Ribeira Park

Located on the right bank of Pateira, the leisure park of Óis da Ribeira is a pleasant space that allows you to enjoy a time of conviviality or simply enjoy the calm and tranquility so typical of this place on a walk through nature, watch a sunset, or aspects of its unique fauna and flora.

Equipped with several structures, it houses the hangar of the ARCOR canoeing center and a bandstand where different dynamics and festivities are hosted throughout the year.
It is here that you can also find the emblematic “I Love Pateira” swing, walk along the walkways over the lagoon or enjoy a meal at the Pôr do Sol restaurant.

The park also has equipment to support leisure activities, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Picnic area with barbecue
  • Fount
  • Playground
  • Sanitary
  • Parking

Espinhel Park

With two imposing viewpoints that allow a panoramic view over the lagoon, Espinhel Park is located on the south bank of Pateira and is an extremely pleasant space that invites not only moments of conviviality but also of introspection in this space where tranquility reign. uniqueness of biodiversity.
It is a well-kept place, equipped with various support structures that respond to possible needs regarding your enjoyment of the space in entertainment and leisure activities.
Here you can find:

  • Picnic park with barbecue
  • Fount
  • Playground
  • Installation – outdoor exercise
  • Viewpoints
  • Sanitary
  • Parking

Requeixo Park

The Requeixo Park is located on the north bank of Pateira, from where you can see the Cértima River regaining its natural shape.
The imposing poplars mark this riverside bank where dark green tones and serenity abound. Here you can see a vast amount of waterfowl because there is a dense reedbed on the opposite bank, the ideal habitat for these species.

Its viewpoint creates the ideal conditions for bird watching. This space is also equipped with equipment to support recreational activities, such as:

  • Picnic park with barbecue
  • Sanitary
  • Viewpoint
  • Parking

Here you can still see the bandstand that houses the artists in festivities such as the Festa do Peixe da Pateira and other events promoted throughout the year.
Locally valued for its environmental importance, it receives several visits promoted by the Environmental Interpretation Center (CMIA)
On this bank it is still possible to have a privileged contact with the typical boat, the bateira, where they are moored here.

Emigrante Park

The Emigrante park is located on the left bank of Pateira, in Fermentelos.
In this place with a privileged view over the lagoon, there is a delicate space for leisure and recreation, where calm, nature and history merge.
Understood as a local point of reference, here you can visit the emblematic monument to the emigrant, built in honor of the Portuguese (especially those born in this parish) who dispersed across the five continents in search of a better life.

The Estalagem de Fermentelos is also located in this place, built in the 1970s and still in operation today. Thus, in this immediate surroundings of Pateira, in addition to its magnificent landscape, visitors can count on a space equipped with:

  • Accommodation
  • Coffee
  • Restaurant
  • Picnic park
  • Monument
  • Viewpoint
  • Parking

In this square, throughout the year, various activities are carried out, from occasional meetings to annual festivities and get-togethers.
It is also at this point that the PR7 pedestrian trail begins, the ideal activity for those who want to explore a little more about this locality, combining the walk with its discovery.